Allow us a moment to stall...

Urban Lodge Brewing Company was created by family, and those values run deep through our tap lines. Our matriarchs deserve recognition (beyond a bathroom stall) for how they have shaped us, and our mission. We only wish they were able to partake in the twitterverse to share their wisdom with the world.  We imagine it would go something like this…


Catherine Lodge      @cal_8

The struggle is part of the story.

feegan-368 copy.jpg

Marguerite Fagan      @gram_fagan3

Someday you are going to look back at all the progress you've made and be glad you didn't quit.


Joan Gerrity      @NanaGirlGerrity23

Never give up on something just because of the time it will take to accomplish it. The time will pass anyway.

Check back for their weekly enlightenment.