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Family is at the core of Urban Lodge with roots that run deep through Manchester, fueled by a passion for serving the community. Our collective family and friends were the inspiration behind Urban Lodge - constantly finding reasons to gather, celebrate and socialize over great beer and a good laugh.

Since walking through the haunt of a forgotten nightclub that lay dormant for 16 years, we knew this would be our home in historic downtown Manchester to welcome guests to share in delicious beer and create lasting memories. A "Something for everyone" vibe, the inspiration was to create a variety of beers that pleased all palettes, not just the discerning IPA drinker. 


August 22, 2019 seems like eons ago- a lot has changed since we opened a small 5 barrel brewhouse with home recipes. The beer has changed; old recipes have come and gone or evolved into something better. Brewing techniques, ingredients, and styles all emerged and proved worthy of experimentation. The taproom has grown to cater to the needs and comfort of our community. Oh, and there was a pandemic that fundamentally changed the hospitality business. 

What hasn't changed is our passion for the community, our family, our guests, and the ardent desire to constantly provide an exceptional experience for everyone through beer and hospitality. We look forward to welcoming you home for a beer, pretzel, and a good time.

See you soon, 
The Gerritys and Fagans

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